Condo Approval Advisors is a professional services firm providing HUD, VA & Fannie Mae Condominium Approval Services.

Our experienced team guides condominium boards, managers, and property owners through the condominium project approval process.

We offer these services to:

  • Existing Condominiums
  • New Construction Condominiums

This approval results in the following benefits for property owners:

  • Provides more purchase and refinancing options
  • Increases Realtor traffic; some realtors will not bring clients to non-approved properties
  • Instills market confidence that the association is a successfully functioning business
  • Ongoing compliance with current lending standards
  • More mortgage availability increases property marketability

Changes in the real estate market have brought about unique challenges for owners of condominiums. Without a HUD Condo Approval consumers and real estate professionals are beginning to take their business elsewhere. The HUD condo approval for a condominium homeowners association is the “Seal of Approval” that signifies the business of the association is more stable, efficient and transparent.