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Welcome to Condo Approval Advisors, an expert third-party consulting services that focuses on facilitating the complex VA and FHA condo approval process.  Our organization is uniquely positioned to liaise directly with the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). We secure VA Condo Approval and FHA Condo Approval for condominium communities across the United States. 

Our extensive experience working with property managers, realtors, lenders, homeowners and boards of directors nationwide has strengthened our reputation for excellence. Condo Approval Advisors is the preferred choice for achieving swift and successful approval outcomes. 



Increased Marketability:

Community approval increases the marketability of a condominium project. It allows a larger pool of potential buyers including those who qualify for FHA-insured mortgages.

Higher Sales Prices:

FHA approved condo communities have more market competition.  This results in higher prices due to the increased demand from buyers.

Competitive Advantage:

FHA condo approval gives a condominium project a competitive advantage over non-approved projects in the same area.  It provides a broader range of financing options to potential buyers.

Access to FHA Financing:

Access to FHA financing options gives buyers more money flexibility with lower down payments alternatives.  This makes purchasing a condo more competitive for many buyers by letting them choose different finance options.

Lower Interest Rates:

FHA-insured mortgages typically have lower interest rates than conventional mortgages.  This makes them a smart financial option for buyers.

Better Loan Terms:

Mortgages that are FHA approved have more flexible underwriting guidelines and loan terms, making them more accessible to a wider range of borrowers.

Improved Resale Potential:

FHA approval can improve the resale potential of a condominium unit.  It expands the pool of potential buyers who can purchase the property.

Increased Property Value: 

FHA Condo Approval increases market competition.  It also can increase the overall property value of a condominium project.  This provides a valuable financial benefit to potential buyers and existing homeowners.

Reduced Risk for Lenders: 

An FHA approved community reduces the risk for lenders.  FHA-insured mortgages are backed by the government.

Stronger Financial Position: 

Condominium communities with FHA condo approval have good financial requirements.  This help ensure communities have strong financial standards.

Reverse Mortgages:

FHA Certification is required to obtain a Reverse Mortgage (HECM). Many owners use these loans as a financial planning tool.  Without FHA condo approval, these homeowners won’t be able to access this type of financing. Don’t let your unit owners miss out on this valuable opportunity.





How long does it take to get a condo FHA approved?

The typical timeline for obtaining FHA approval for a condo falls within the 2 to 4-week range. Several factors contribute to the speed of this process. The prompt cooperation of the Management Company to provide necessary documents is crucial, influencing the pace significantly. Additionally, the community’s eligibility is a key determinant, with specific requirements needing fulfillment for FHA approval. The current caseload at the FHA can also impact overall processing times. While our office can prioritize and expedite the application, it’s essential to note that there are no mechanisms to fast-track a file through the FHA.

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The changes in the FHA Guidelines implemented in 2023 have presented significant challenges for some communities seeking FHA and VA approval.  

Condo Approval Specialist is the expert at facilitating the VA and FHA condo approval process.  We utilize a streamlined and efficient approach to securing VA and FHA approval for your community.   Our team has extensive experience and expertise in navigating the complex FHA and VA approval process. We can assist you in fulfilling all the requirements and meeting the necessary standards.  Reach out today to learn more about how we can help your community obtain FHA Condo Approval and VA Condo Approval.



In oder to be eligible for an FHA Loan or Reverse Mortgage, it is imperative that the entire condominium complex be approved by the FHA.  Our team of experts can quickly assess the eligibility of your condominium through a streamlined review process.  FHA Condo Approval is the best way to create immediate financial value to your community. Contact us without delay to start the process.


The granting of VA Condo Approval enables veterans to leverage their VA benefits to acquire or refinance a condominium unit within an association.  Such financing is customarily tailored to facilitate home ownership for veterans, active duty personnel, and retired military personnel. It enables them to purchase a residence for themselves and their loved ones.  This also allows refinance their existing loan into a more advantageous arrangement.


FHA and VA Condo Approval unquestionably yield the highest financial


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What is the timeframe for the FHA Condo Approval process?

The usual time for this approval process is about 2 to 4 weeks, but it can take longer based on certain factors. To make the approval process quicker and more efficient, we do extra work beforehand. We actively look for any issues that might cause a problem later on. By fixing these problems before we even submit the application to the FHA, we hope to prevent any unnecessary delays.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting: we’ve seen cases where the approval process gets seriously delayed, sometimes lasting more than six months.  This can happen when the approval is submitted by someone unfamiliar with the process. This delay often happens because of incomplete information or mistakes in the application. The consequence? FHA loans can’t get approved, and real estate transactions could be in jeopardy.

As professional experts with this process, we’re taking extra steps to be really careful before asking for your condo association to be approved from the FHA (Federal Housing Administration). We want to make sure everything goes smoothly so that people can buy and sell their homes with all the benefits that FHA Condo Approval offers as soon as possible.  

What factors affect the speed of FHA Approval?

Getting FHA approval for your property involves navigating through various factors that can impact the overall timeline. One crucial element is the timely submission of Condo Documents. The Management Company’s efficiency in providing these documents to us significantly influences how quickly we can move through the approval process. A prompt submission ensures a smooth and timely review.

Another key aspect is the community’s eligibility. The timeframe for approval is intricately tied to whether the community meets the specific requirements set by the FHA. Depending on these criteria, additional actions or improvements may be necessary. This can range from addressing certain issues to fulfilling specific documentation requirements or making essential changes to the property.

The FHA caseload is an external factor that also plays a role in the approval timeline. The current workload at the FHA affects the overall processing time for applications. The sheer number of applications being handled at any given time directly impacts how long it takes for our specific application to be thoroughly reviewed and approved.

It’s important to understand that, while we strive to expedite the application process within our office, there’s a limitation to expediting files through the FHA. The ultimate speed of approval hinges on the interplay of factors like timely document submission, community eligibility, and the workload at the FHA. It’s a dynamic process that we navigate with diligence, but certain external elements are beyond our direct control.

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