FHA Condo APPROVal Community Value Estimate

How much value in $ does

FHA Condo Approval

benefit my community?

Ready for your Communities FHAestimate?

Why use a FHA Certification value estimator tool?

Understanding the estimated value of your community can aid in pricing homes for sale, serving as a preliminary step of understanding approxamate value. Recognizing the worth that FHA Certification brings can show the potential value. Additionally, if you’re in the market to buy, evaluating the value of FHA Certification in the community can help ensure your offer is both competitive and fair.

What is a FHAestimate?

A FHAestimate represents an estimated market value of FHA Community Value calculated by Condo Approval Advisors through a proprietary formula. This formula incorporates both public and user-submitted data, including specifics about the community (such as number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage of the units, etc.), their location, property tax assessment details, and the sales history of properties in the subject community. By updating your condo community details, you can help refine the accuracy of your FHAestimate. While not an official appraisal, a FHAestimate serves as an initial step in gauging your communities $ value with FHA Certification.

How accurate is the FHAestimate?

The accuracy of a FHAestimate hinges on both the location and the availability of data in a given area..  The more date we have the better we can dial in the approximation.  When filling out the community information include as much detail as you can.