What Is HealthyReserves?

HealthyReserves is an Excel-based application designed specifically for association managers and HOA boards. Its purpose is to provide better insight into the health of your association’s reserves, leading to fewer surprises and more proactive reserve planning.

The Problem It Solves

Imagine you own a home or condominium in an HOA-managed community. You’re responsible for the community’s common area expenses, such as roofs, roads, and decks. Without proper insight into the health of your reserves, you’re exposed to unplanned assessments – a significant concern for HOA communities.

HealthyReserves addresses this problem by simplifying the process of creating a detailed, actionable long-term reserve plan. It helps you ensure your reserves are healthy and surprise-free.

Key Features & Benefits

  1. Reserve Fund Health Score: This feature keeps you informed about your reserve fund’s status. It tells you where your reserves stand and recommends financial actions if necessary.
  2. Increased Property Value: Properly funded reserves demonstrate the HOA’s commitment to maintaining the long-term value of the community. Homeowners appreciate this dedication.
  3. Early Problem Detection: By identifying red flags well in advance, you can eliminate unwelcome assessments and keep homeowners happy.
  4. Robust “What If” Modeling: Explore various funding scenarios using either a per-unit monthly contribution model or a combination of monthly contributions and timed special assessments.

How It Works

HealthyReserves follows a simple three-step process:

  1. Build Your Reserve Fund Profile: Input relevant data about your HOA’s reserves.
  2. Analyze Your Reserves: The tool calculates your Reserve Fund Health Score and provides insights.
  3. Take Action: Based on the analysis, make informed decisions to strengthen your reserves.

Getting Started

Ready to check your reserve fund’s health? Follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Getting Started page.
  2. Complete the three-step process to assess your HOA’s reserves.


With HealthyReserves, you can proactively manage your HOA’s reserves, avoid surprises, and ensure a healthier financial future for your community. 🏡💰

For a visual overview, watch the HealthyReserves Overview video.

Remember, a well-planned reserve strategy benefits everyone involved – homeowners, association managers, and the community as a whole. Happy reserve planning! 🌟


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